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12th August 2019

Summer holidays: Flying Rings campaign….

We hope you are enjoying your holiday. But give a thought to how innocent toys can cause terrible harm to wildlife.

FoHS has been helping to raise public awareness of how toys enjoyed by people and dogs can threaten the lives of seals around coastlines here and abroad. Flying rings and similarly shaped throwing rings for dogs provide hours of fun and exercise but become potentially dangerous to seals if lost or abandoned in the sea.

FoHS wardens have joined others in handing out information leaflets and displaying posters hoping to stop more of these rings ending up in the sea where they can be found by young seals. The danger comes when the seals get a ring lodged around their necks and are unable to remove it.

The growth of the seal leads to terrible cuts as the plastic cuts into its flesh and ultimately impedes its ability to catch fish and restricts swallowing.

A seal with a ring around its neck cannot help itself – but you can help by always taking your flying/throwing rings, and all plastic items home with you.

Please don’t be responsible for this:

Or this:

Play safe! Take all plastic waste off the beach when you leave. A few minutes thought could save months of suffering.

On behalf of the seals, we thank you.

Friends of Horsey Seals.

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