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9th January 2020

Potential Danger for seals

We continue to pick up netting, rope and old lobster pots from our beaches. This week alone our wardens have picked up a bag of netting and rope from the shore line on Winterton beach.

A seal could have easily swam into this netting as it had a large hole in it. The seal would not have been able to remove this netting and it would have got tighter around its neck as the seal got bigger.

If you see any type of netting, flying rings or anything that a seal could swim into, please think of the seals, and pick it up and dispose of it.

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We continue to pick up netting and rope from our beaches.

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Safety of our Wardens – IMPORTANT INFORMATION

In response to government advice on minimising the spread of Covid 19 virus and to comply with our duty of care to our volunteers and visitors Friends of Horsey Seals (FoHS) are standing down all our wardens from Sunday 22nd March 2020.

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