If you see any wildlife in difficulty please contact FoHS - 07706 314514 or the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999


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Summer holidays: Flying Rings campaign….

We hope you are enjoying your holiday. But give a thought to how innocent toys can cause terrible harm to wildlife.

FoHS launches awareness campaign: danger to seals from plastic rings …..

The campaign launched on 24th July is to raise awareness of the potential dangers to seals, aiming to encourage users to take more care about where they use them

FoHS at Norfolk Wildlife Trust’s event, Ocean Commotion …

NWT’s Ocean Commotion event, with Professor Ben Garrod, took place on 21st July 2019 at Cley Beach adjacent to the beach car park.

Pinkafo gets her life back ….

Pinkafo – well again and going home!

Recovered seals returned to their natural habitat

Recovered seals return to the wild

Information unit for FoHS ……

FoHS Information Unit

Summary of 2018-19 Seal Counts now available……..

Summary of seal counts this season

Natural England Norfolk Coastal Partnership