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13th January 2020

Colossus – caught at last!

On New Years Eve, we successfully managed to capture one of the netted bulls that has been on our list for a considerable time. He is now safely at RSPCA East Winch undergoing treatment for a very deep, nasty wound encircling his neck.

We were able to use our new mobile stretcher carrier for the first time, and it proved to be a total success, especially as he was very heavy and a considerable distance from our vehicles. 

Using our new mobile stretcher for the 1st time

We were thankful for the assistance of two members of Marine and Wildlife Rescue as it took six people to lift him, and then wheel the carrier over soft sand to the vehicles.  Once there, he was transferred to an RSPCA van.

David Vyse, one of our rescue team and volunteer at East Winch, followed on to the hospital where he was able to assist the skeleton staff on duty with unloading the seal and helping to delicately remove the netting from his neck, which had deeply embedded into the tissue. As expected, he was extremely unhappy and ferocious.

Just after the rope had been cut from his neck.
The rope that was cut from his neck

He began to eat almost immediately which is a good sign and has now been transferred to a large pool outside and will be released when he’s better.

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