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About Friends of Horsey Seals

Our History

FoHS was inaugurated in late 2011 to take over management of a project set up in 2002/3 by Natural England and the Broads Authority. FoHS became a charity in 2016. The project aims to protect grey seals at Horsey and Winterton, Norfolk, particularly during the late autumn and winter, when they come ashore to give birth and mate. The charity’s volunteers are also involved throughout the year in the rescue of seals that are sick or in distress. Our aim is: To protect the grey seal rookery at Horsey from disturbance by the public. Our objectives are: To increase knowledge, understanding and appreciation of grey seals. To work with land owners, agencies and the local community to increase protection of the grey seal colony. To operate and manage an effective seal warden scheme.

Friends of Horsey Seals

"A friendly team who went above and beyond to ensure our trip to see the seals was perfect."

The Marshall Family

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